How do I install Ultradec 8331 on newly sanded floors? 

Vacuum and wipe thoroughly with a tack cloth. Apply the first coat of Ultradec 8331, thinned 25% with Xylene, with a brush or lambswool applicator at a spread rate of 300 square feet per gallon. Allow to cure for 2 1/2 to 4 hours and lightly sand or "screenback" to remove unevenness caused by dust or grain raising. Wipe floor with tack cloth. Proceed to apply the remaining coats of Ultradec 8331 Urethane, allowing 3-4 hours dry time between coats. All coats should be applied at an average rate of 300 square feet per gallon. Allow the last coat to dry overnight before permitting traffic. 2 - 3 coats are recommended for residential floors, and 3 - 4 coats are recommended for commercial floors.

How do I refinish old wood floors?

To refinish floors not previously coated with Ultradec 8331, strip the old finish with remover or by sanding and proceed as above. Be sure to use wax-free removers and to clean up well with strong detergents by washing and thoroughly rinsing at least twice. All old finish must be removed to ensure proper adhesion. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before applying Ultradec 8331 Urethane. 

How do I refinish floors previously coated with Ultradec 8331?

First clean thoroughly and sand lightly. Vacuum and wipe with tack cloth moistened with Xylene, Toluene, or MEK. Apply 1 to 2 coats of Ultradec 8331 Urethane at an average spread rate of 300 square feet per gallon. Allow to cure overnight. 

What stains should I use with Ultradec urethanes?

When using Ultradec 8331 Urethane, a quick-drying stain, such as an alcohol base or a quick-dry lacquer is strongly recommended. Lacquer stain should be allowed to dry at least overnight. If an oil-base stain is used, it should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours, although 72 is recommended, before finish is applied, to prevent any capillary oil movement. Any remaining surface oil will prevent proper adhesion of the Urethane finish. (For white and pastel oil-base stains, allow 72 to 96 hours dry time, and use Ultradec 8339 Aliphatic (Non-Yellowing) Moisture Cure Urethane.)

What other suggestions do you have for installing Ultradec 8331?

If room humidifiers are available, turn them on one hour after application. If floor surface will be subjected to heavy traffic shortly after application, damp mop with clean water and a clean mop when the finish has cured enough to walk on. If 24 hours or more elapse between application of coats, screen the finish lightly and tack with Xylene before applying the next coat to ensure proper adhesion between coats. 

How do I maintain my Ultradec floors?

For residential applications, add 1 cup white vinegar to a bucket of clean warm water. For commercial applications, a mild liquid detergent can be used. Sweep and then damp mop using a sponge mop. Never allow water to puddle on hardwood floors.

Where can I get Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

Most of our Safety Data Sheets are available here.  If you cannot find the one you need, please contact us at (866) 696-2900 or (636) 296-2900.  We would be happy to fax or email one to you.

Where can I get more help?

Feel free to contact us toll-free at (866) 696-2900 or at (636) 296-2900.  You also reach us via email at support@ultradec.com